MKE Week 10

It is with sadness and great joy that I had to evict the old me today.

  1. The old me could not pay the required price to stay
  2. The old me had moved in without my prior consent
  3. The old me did considerable damage to the dwelling even though it was not intentional . Dear old self, your lease expired today and this is your only notice!
    Vacate this dwelling immediately!

The New me no longer have access to the outdated old beliefs and lies that allowed you to occupy this dwelling for so long. This alone is enough of a reason for the eviction notice be effective immediately!

In order for me to see a new future me the old past me had to go!
Thank you old me for all that you done to serve me, however your help is no longer welcome!

Dear New self,
Your old self has completely moved out. The space now vacant for the new you move in immediately!

P.S. You are given creative freedom to design this space anyway your heart desire.

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