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MKE Week 12

So much is happening to me in this MKE course, last week I had to evict my old self to make space for my new self. And yes this week I’m getting married ! Yes, this will be a wedding to remember ! We are finally in sync, and have accepted each other mentally and unconditionally! In the past we were at war with each other. My Subby ( subconscious) had no beliefs in my desires, no matter how many times I read outloud my heart desire (DMP) with Enthusiasm! I would just roll my eyes at the end of each read because to me it was like I felt so conflicted saying it’s sunny outside, it’s sunny outside , when all I could see was nothing but rain! And this was because my conscious and subby just could not agree with each other, and I just didn’t know why. However with newly acquired knowledge that came with an antidote for some mental poison that I had acquired at sometime in my life a healing needed to take place. Now I have a new belief and understanding that there has to be a connection and harmony between you and your desires for this marriage to work. Now that our long overdue miss understanding is finally cleared up and healing has taken place it’s time! Me and My Desire can join hands in marriage.

When your desire and your imagination or in conflict, “your imagination always win”!

Today this Marriage can and will take place immediately (me and my desire)
we are both in agreement with each other and we will work in harmony with each other. My thoughts, my feelings, my ideas, and emotions have all agreed to work in harmony with each other and will be in alignment from this day forward!

Marriage today 12/24/2019

subconscious mind will you accept your new conscience mind desires? I do !
And new conscience mind will you accept and be ever so mindful of your inner talking and what you will accept into your new woke mind! I do!

I now pronounce you two, new conscience mind and new and willing subby to be amazingly Magical!

P S. May you two make many beautiful new thoughts together!

My new belief to meditate on: Mark 11:24 “Therefore I say to you, that everything that you pray and ask, believe that you are receiving it and you shall have it.”


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