Master key experience PRESS RELEASE

Top Independent Representative:

Artney Jackson

Interview by Richard brooke
October 1, 2021

Getting paid to drink coffee everyday and having a passive income FOR LIFE from this daily pleasure are two of the best things about network marketing.

Find out how this incredible shero, Artney Jackson who had once given up on network marketing industry is now a top earner.

A former office administrator who was left jobless because of the sudden death of the owner. Over the age of 60 years old knew there had to be a better way to earn income and a job wasn’t it.

Artney now have over 20,000 active, independent representative, and 100,000 customers. and is currently a master distributor with her booming online business, coffee by art.

Richard : question, how did you build so fast ?

Artney: answer. To my sponsor I was slow as Methuselah, two years in business and I only had a few customers. she offer to help, but I knew I needed more. I told her I was a bamboo tree and to be patient with me, I had no intention on quitting! what I needed to learned in those two years was life changing.

Richard : question. what compelled you to get back into network marketing business as you swore never again.
Artney: answer, In one day I lost my husband my provider, and my job. I knew I had to do something, I just didn’t know what It was , but whatever it was it had to pay residual income and working a job wasn’t it.

Richard: Question, Why did you pick this company. I did not pick this company this company pick me. when I tried a sample of the product given to me by a new friend I had meet at a real estate seminar. (real estate was my plan) I said to her I will try your product, and will buy if I like it, but to myself I said I am not going to sell anything and especially not getting back into network marketing. That morning when I tried the product I just knew after 30 minutes this was a winner, I called her to come that day to buy a month supply because I didn’t want to run out, and rest is history

Richard: question, So what did you learn in those two years before you actually started your business?
Artney: answer, I learned that success is an inside job, and network marketing is a skill base business. I learned a lot about the food industry and how it related to my health and weight. I’ve increased my value with knowledge, and now I had something to offer to others.
And things just exploded from there. And here I am living my dreams.

Richard: question, What would you say to someone just getting into network marketing business.
Artney: answer, once you get in, don’t quit, and learn to do your business so well that you can’t do it wrong.

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