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MKE Week 17

The word I choose this week in the Franklin Makeover was decisiveness.

The hardest decision I had to make was between something I didn’t want to give up and what’s was best for me. I’m happy to say, I made some big decisions this week and My new decision passed all eight test with flying colors!


MKE Week 16

There are so many keys to success! Thanks MKE for this nugget!

The question was asked of everyone in the MKE program: How Could Everybody Be The World’s Greatest Salesman?

Answer: “Your most important sale in life is to sell yourself to yourself.”

Launch Your Personal Pitch That Goes Something Like This…
Meet [Your first and last name], a really important person. [First name], you know who you are, you know what you want, you’re a thinker, intelligent and a risk-taker with a dash of great attitude and yet very humble. You’re capable to do great job, so go ahead and just do that.
You believe in happiness, self-investment and personal growth. So that is what you need to focus on because you have a lot of drive, lots!
Nothing can stop you! You will not let anyone project their insecurities onto you and bring you down!
[First name], you look good and you feel good, so stay that way. Yesterday, you’ve done well but today you will do better!
Now go to it and don’t look back!

by Kolyanne Russ

MKE Week 15

The first word I chose in the Franklin’s Makeover was courage, and I have been told that nothing teaches a person better than a story.!


One cowardly person came to a master of martial arts and asked to teach him bravery. The master looked at him and said:
– I will teach you only with one condition: one month you will have to live in a big city and tell every person that you meet on your way that you are a coward. You will have to say it loudly, openly and looking straight into the person’s eyes.
The person got really sad, because this task seemed very scary to him. For a couple of days he was very sad and thoughtful, but to live with his cowardice was so unbearable that he travelled to the city to accomplish his mission.
At first, when meeting the passers, he quailed, lost his speech and couldn’t contact anyone. But he needed to finish the master’s task, so he began to overcome himself. When he came up to his first passer to tell about his cowardice, it seemed to him that he would die from fear. But his voice sounded louder and more confident with every passing day. Suddenly came a moment, when the man caught himself thinking that he’s not scared anymore, and the further he continued doing the master’s task, the more convinced he was that the fear was abandoning him. That way a month had passed. The person came back to the master, bowed to him and said:
– Thank you, teacher. I finished your task. Now I’m not afraid anymore. But how did you know that this strange task will help me?
– The thing is that cowardice is only a habit. And by doing the things that scare us, we can destroy the stereotypes and come to a conclusion that you came to. And now you know that bravery – is also a habit. And if you want to make bravery a part of yourself- you need to move forward into the fear. Then the fear will go away, and bravery will take its place.

(Inspirationalstories. eu)

MKE Week 14

kindness week was a blast! It reminded me of this story, that I heard many, many years ago. what a fantastic week focusing on kindness!!!

A traveler came upon an old farmer hoeing in his field beside the road. Eager to rest his feet, the wanderer hailed the countryman, who seemed happy enough to straighten his back and talk for a moment.
“What sort of people live in the next town?” asked the stranger.
“What were the people like where you’ve come from?” replied the farmer, answering the question with another question.
“They were a bad lot. Troublemakers all, and lazy too. The most selfish people in the world, and not a one of them to be trusted. I’m happy to be leaving the scoundrels.”
“Is that so?” replied the old farmer. “Well, I’m afraid that you’ll find the same sort in the next town.
Disappointed, the traveler trudged on his way, and the farmer returned to his work.
Some time later another stranger, coming from the same direction, hailed the farmer, and they stopped to talk. “What sort of people live in the next town?” he asked.
“What were the people like where you’ve come from?” replied the farmer once again.
“They were the best people in the world. Hard working, honest, and friendly. I’m sorry to be leaving them.”
“Fear not,” said the farmer. “You’ll find the same sort in the next town.”

Source: Personal recollection, Idaho, about 1950.

MKE Week 13

The MKE course 14 weeks later….My first written DMP (definite major purpose) have finally been release by my guide. What a great feeling to clearly know what your purpose is in life and being able to put it in writing.
I had to rewrite it so many times to get my purpose in life clear, so that if anyone reading it would know exactly what my true purpose was .
The main reason for so many rewrite is I didn’t know how to write an DMP and I didn’t know that I needed a DMP to be successful at anything. I thought I only needed to know what my “why” was . Now I can laugh about it, because it’s much more then just knowing your “why” for doing anything. There’re many components that go into writing a successful DMP in order to have any chance at accomplishing your purpose or goals in life, and knowing your DMP is just one of them.
Just think , my first written DMP, my great purpose in life was to lose weight. LOL!
My ending DMP was to become a professional Network marketer to build a large successful team and to earn a residual income to fund my retirement and being in optimum health would give me confidence to share my nutritional products.
The reason I had to laugh at my first written DMP, is because, If I didn’t work on building my career first to secure my bag (money/retirement), I wouldn’t have no problem losing the weight being on a fix income .
Thank you , Mark, and the fabulous Davene for your enormous purpose in life to create a world with more independent thinkers, and thank you Kattee for your skillful guidance, it’s people like y’all who are the true Fishers of man and y’all makes this world a better place in which to live!

MKE Week 12

So much is happening to me in this MKE course, last week I had to evict my old self to make space for my new self. And yes this week I’m getting married ! Yes, this will be a wedding to remember ! We are finally in sync, and have accepted each other mentally and unconditionally! In the past we were at war with each other. My Subby ( subconscious) had no beliefs in my desires, no matter how many times I read outloud my heart desire (DMP) with Enthusiasm! I would just roll my eyes at the end of each read because to me it was like I felt so conflicted saying it’s sunny outside, it’s sunny outside , when all I could see was nothing but rain! And this was because my conscious and subby just could not agree with each other, and I just didn’t know why. However with newly acquired knowledge that came with an antidote for some mental poison that I had acquired at sometime in my life a healing needed to take place. Now I have a new belief and understanding that there has to be a connection and harmony between you and your desires for this marriage to work. Now that our long overdue miss understanding is finally cleared up and healing has taken place it’s time! Me and My Desire can join hands in marriage.

When your desire and your imagination or in conflict, “your imagination always win”!

Today this Marriage can and will take place immediately (me and my desire)
we are both in agreement with each other and we will work in harmony with each other. My thoughts, my feelings, my ideas, and emotions have all agreed to work in harmony with each other and will be in alignment from this day forward!

Marriage today 12/24/2019

subconscious mind will you accept your new conscience mind desires? I do !
And new conscience mind will you accept and be ever so mindful of your inner talking and what you will accept into your new woke mind! I do!

I now pronounce you two, new conscience mind and new and willing subby to be amazingly Magical!

P S. May you two make many beautiful new thoughts together!

My new belief to meditate on: Mark 11:24 “Therefore I say to you, that everything that you pray and ask, believe that you are receiving it and you shall have it.”

MKE Week 10

It is with sadness and great joy that I had to evict the old me today.

  1. The old me could not pay the required price to stay
  2. The old me had moved in without my prior consent
  3. The old me did considerable damage to the dwelling even though it was not intentional . Dear old self, your lease expired today and this is your only notice!
    Vacate this dwelling immediately!

The New me no longer have access to the outdated old beliefs and lies that allowed you to occupy this dwelling for so long. This alone is enough of a reason for the eviction notice be effective immediately!

In order for me to see a new future me the old past me had to go!
Thank you old me for all that you done to serve me, however your help is no longer welcome!

Dear New self,
Your old self has completely moved out. The space now vacant for the new you move in immediately!

P.S. You are given creative freedom to design this space anyway your heart desire.


In the master keys Program we are asked to use our imagination to create a clear image of our dreams as well as our future selves, the person that we want to be in the future, as if we are already there.

Imagination is in fact the most powerful of all the gifts of our mental faculties, so why couldn’t I create a clear image in my imagination of this future life that I would love to live, and the person I want to become? The image I came up was distorted and not recognizable. I had nothing that I could identify with.
I needed to learn fast, how to use this beautiful gift properly. So I spoke to the universe to please help me to understand this gift, and universe came through like a champ!
I get it now!!!!

I now realize that my imagination have been with me all the time , however, I had only used it for fear and worry. I had no problem creating a vivid mental image using all 5 senses to make every fears and worry appear real! I never once imagined that this gift from God was available to me to use to create the life of my dreams and all things Good.

Since the only experince I had with my imagination was fear, self limiting beliefs and block etc., I had no reference to compare this new future life to, that I now want to live . Today I give myself permission to be set free from all of this . I thank you old belief for your service but today I will wipe you clean and start with a new clean slate. Good riddance old blocks and memories that no longer serve me . I now have a new truth and a new programs that’s available to use today because the previous outdated belief file no longer exist!

Jeremiah 29: 11
“for I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not harm you, ” plans to give you hope and a future”
This is my new truth!
Today I will move forward with a blank slate, and I will only use my imagination for Good! I will continue to add new truths one by one.


So…….I asked my daughter a question about someone, and her answer was very colorful, my response was I greet each day with love in my heart. I told her that I was on a 7- day mental diet and I cannot say anything negative or I would have to start over. And…. then later on that day I asked her another question and again her answer was even more colorful and she wanted one of my usual responses however my reply was I greet each day with love in my heart. Her reply was Mommm…….call me after yo 7 days. My reply was lol! ha ha!

Let me get this right, no opinions, no negative thoughts and of course no negative responses. Only look at others in their highest self. ” when I am tempted to criticize I will bite my tongue; when I am moved to praise I will shout from the roofs.” What an interesting two weeks this has been!


All I can do is sit back and wonder how many people I have deterred away from their dreams or made them doubt their decision, because of my negative, judgmental opinions.
A young man said that he was going to school for a lawyer now and he decided to change and become a medical doctor instead. I just keep my negative opinion to myself, and only said that it was nice after all it is his decision what he wants to do in life.

We’re not even going to discuss the negative thoughts that can come into your mine while just thumbing through a magazine. I’m not putting anything negative into the universe, I don’t want the stuff coming back to me in no shape, form or universal law!.