MKE – Week 3

What an interesting week a friend of mine’s invited me to go to a meditation and tai chi class, I told her I was very interested when she said meditation because it was something that we were doing in the MKE course, you know the famous 15 minute SIT!

How did I do on my first two sits, not to good. 30 second into the first two sit and everything started itching. Now that third sit was a guided sit in the meditation class and it was so cool, not only did I not itch time just flew by, I did my sit like a boss!

The meditation teacher gave us about 7 rule for a correct sitting posture and each of those criteria made all the difference in the world. Now meditation will be a part of my daily routine it feel wonderful and it very relaxing . I even got an app call insight it’s a timer with a cute little start and finish bell.

I’m so thankful to the MKE course for turning me on to this awesome tool, and to so many new experience!

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