For the past 5 weeks. I would close my eyes to visualize my dream life. however it seemed so farfetch that I could even have such a life. So I had to do some soul searching and research to find out why can’t I have the desires of my heart.
My faith is strong , So what’s the issue with me visualizing with a pictured life? I was so behooved, I can see it, smell and taste this life so clearly but
that picture was tainted with disbelief.

I found my answer in this one sentence in a book by Zig Ziglar, See You At The Top

Warning! ” Garbage” has probably been dumped into your mind for a long time.

Today I will take a check up from the neck up anything that doesn’t serve my dream will be taken out as garbage piece by piece, And thank God for the Power of Choice!



  1. Love those check up from the neck up moments! Thoughts, charged by feelings, alter belief. Those three little boxes – the Master Key. What a great observation! Change your belief – best way – reads, sits and all the other little shapes and colors – you are the guardian at the gate and changing a lifetime of garbage – you can do this!!


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